*  You In Our Clothes  *

Want to win one of two $1000L Giftcards?!?!?!

Heres How…

Take a picture

  • Picture must be taken by you (the entrant) & have someone wearing Blasphemic item in it.
  • Send entries (A new picture of you wearing a Blasphemic Outfit) to Wildefire Soulstar full perms Via SL or upload to BLASPHEMIC FLICKR GROUP .
    Also send your FB link so I can tag you (this will allow more of your friends to see it) …. I get capped, so make sure I get your entry if I’m offline or don’t respond.
  • Minimum of 6 entries (before the contest will start) or they will be held over, until we get 6 entry’s. Contest runs over a month.

*** One entry per person per contest ***

They will be upload all at once (to our facebook page) then you share your entry with your friends & have them like your picture (the original post) on FB. The entrant with the most likes wins a $1000L Giftcard from Blasphemic. The second $1000L Giftcard winner is chosen by Blasphemic (Management)

  • If you don´t have an SL FB account you can still enter
  • If you won the last one, you cant win the next contest
  • Blasphemic bloggers can enter, but can´t win
  • This is an ongoing/repeating Competition if you miss this one,  your picture will be held    over & in the next one, so keep them coming!!

* Don’t forget if you share your picture.. to mention to your friends, to like the original pic (in this folder) …so that it goes to your vote count!

Photos (entries) will be uploaded soon! … Like one to win!!

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Market Place –
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Started – July 2016






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